Why Did I Do That?: A novel by me, with special guest appearances by several alcoholic beverages

i am the biggest piece of shit right now i am literally procrastinating sleeping in a nice big bed because i am too lazy to get out of this bed and shower.

the first worldiest of problems.

ahhhhh ryan is coming home at like five in the morn but i’ma just hang out at his place and sip some brews until then and i am so stoked i might die

i juuuust wanna listen to from the kettle onto the coil on repeat

buuuut it’s not on my phone and my laptop is at the mac store until like wednesday wompwomp

but that’s none of my business

but that’s none of my business

good news footlocker isn’t on fire anymore

i don’t think i even have any more concert goals i mean where could i possibly go from here

peaked at twenty-three

what the fuck panera no i am getting soup and half a panini i don’t want your damn baguette or chips or a goddamn apple THAT’S TOO MUCH FOOD.

i juuuust wanted to go to footlocker to see if they have we the north shit but apparently it’s on fire or something

A message from th3devilwearsmeh

whats is your favorite albumn on scurrilous? i just downloaded it and im curious what you like (tapestry is my fave) as of right now

sex tapes