is it rude to say that the guest appearances were executed subtly and effectively?

i mean it makes a die-hard pretty nervous hearing that any ol’ schmuck can be heard on a protest album if they’re willing to pay five thou, but they really did it in a way that didn’t detract from the album at all, and in fact enhanced it? i’m just trying to be concise but also articulate that general notion.

A message from Anonymous

Can I kiss the swamp queens ass?

no thank. unless you mean that figuratively. in wish case deliver me some onion rings okay thank.

i need to write this volition blurb but it’s hard to articulate just how perfect it us hnng this is a lot of pressure.

A message from largefins

Why does your assbutt make me emotional?

you have never seen the ass-butt tho~

actually considering changing blog title to swamp queen


my pet peeve is when someone ignores you

like if we have a problem then let’s fucking address it

right? like be an adult

A message from Anonymous

What band can you not stand that everyone seems to like

i don’t really have bands that i can’t staaand, i wouldn’t say, but i don’t understand the appeal of periphery.

A message from Anonymous

Because lizzbutt don't dance and if she don't dance she get the hose again..

lizzbutt used RANCH DRESSING HOSE. it’s super effective!

A message from Anonymous

have you ever accidentally the whole thing?

i always accidentally the whole thing

A message from Anonymous

Have you ever hit your head on something while head banging to your favorite black metal album?

i smoked my face off of a foosball table playing foosball, does that count for anything?